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we generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. we're proud of the fact that in 12 years of operating the railroad we haven't had a single violation. that's attributed to our community relations committee and it's part of our management team. i mentioned local we are in the business of training railroad careers. training personnel to be in railroad careers.
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you may have heard about one that warren buffett bought. we have long term careers in the business. most of the majority of our employees can walk are bike to work. and what it does by having employees live locally it seriously cuts down on the carbon footprint. we launch in the neighborhood of the bay point. the port has a requirement that local businesses use at least 60
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percent truckers. virtually all the truckers we use live locally. we feel that our success should be a success shared by the community. we continue to support construction projects in the area and we're working with the port staff on iron ore. they announced down at pier 48 they're extremely interested in shipping by rail from the port. we're working closely with them. we feel we have a very, very bright future. i started my career here in 70. i coordinated with the port and
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at that time, there was a person named jean who was the exclusive director and i've known many people and the board of supervisors knows this is a dream team staff you have. you have a fantastic staff and this happens because of you're great team. it's been an honor and privilege to work with you. i'll take any questions you have >> thank you. >> one thing that occurred to me in terms of of the work that has been done to reduce
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emissio emissions. >> unfortunately, the first wave of the cap and trade is not for transportation but that's coming. it's what we call the low hanging fruit he thought emission reduction. we can beat the trucking so you can get the savings and you get 90 percent reductions in commissions what could be better than that. but it would be great if the stated and cap and a trade and the refineries are coming to us and saying we're going to do this before cap and trade. but it's theizing on the cake.
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for example, this company is transporting steel by truck by it should be by ship >> you, you wouldn't is happen to offset it income by the port? >> in terms of our rent structure that we have it's a rent structure based on success the more cars we ship the more money they make. >> i do really want to thank you one for being such a terrific tenant and for acknowledging our staff. i feel that way about the folks at the port but it's nice to
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have outside collaboration. >> i want to say what strikes me is the jobs, jobs, jobs. the citizens of san francisco want jobs and secondly what really it is important is local higher. there's a lot of people in this city that are hurting. i know that you go to lunches and dinners and give back to the community. and this is for commissioner murphy. this great thing we're trying to do here i'm working with the maritime we want to do a major reform from the ports of san francisco. when we were in china last month
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we went that to a baseball game. and golfing there's tiger woods he's up there and i can't figure out what to do. commissioner murphy one of the problems we're having is clearly we've got to have more money in infrastructure. unfortunately, our politician in d.c. can't get focused. i think we have a gold mine right here. if we could get the infrastructure money to really get focused on the port. i think that we can have a lot of maritime in iron ore and china is looking to get away from certain companies. we've got companies here to
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export. and we would be known in the community. i'm being a little bit bias. monique moore is one of the best directors in this area and a great staff. and i say that await apology >> thank you. >> thank you for both your presentations very educational for me. i was very, very ignore as far as what you guys do and a well, we welcome you to come down to the port and take a ride that would be fantastic >> thank you very much. >> and i was just ulcer up on
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jim's presentation. thank you. just also want to thank you. not long ago you gave a water tour for me and commissioner aldz. the one thing that struck me was the tremendous opportunity for expanding those operations. now every time i look at the water i understand the tremendous amount of ships that are waiting to bring in the products. i want to say this is an opportunity that will be a chance to make our port unique and uncomfortable >> will it will be there is an opportunity for export. there's a lot of export places
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in the west. but china needs a lot of things and they're now focusing on the u.s. and seeing there's a lot of opportunity like iron ore and other products. if so market can shift a little bit more and we can continue to build our project. we've been good to develop our products. we need the market to shift a little bit more. i think also for the great unbelievable at pier 80 i think there's a great opportunity for bringing in more steel direct to rail and out to the u.s. via the rail infrastructure. and there's also a lot of projects that are ready to get
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underway like the trans bay terminal or the central subway will be receiving the first tunnel bore project. hopefully, we'll find a press release on that. but there's a lot of opportunity to bring the product in by water or if it's domestically source we would like to bring it in by rail from domestic sources. a lot of the trans steel needs tow be espoused by the federal funding. we want to take advantage of it >> thank you. so we have some public comment. first (naming names) >> i've known david for
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fourteen years and i've also known murphy. i appeared with him when he used to sit on the building department inspection. and i look at you when i first saw you that's not the commissioner. but when you spoke i said, "yes that's that jollyly good fellow. may david and myself we go along ways but what's good about david he's a trained master planner. so we meet sometimes, we talk a lot and we address issues mostly environmental issues. recently, i went to europe and all over europe they sponsor
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they foster they encourage people to travel by train. they have a whole multitude of trains that traffic at various speeds. for some reason we took to the cars and we know that that doesn't pay good dividend. you should see those goats over under they had 26 kids. i said david what do you feed those gets to with? >> so david is always looking at good opportunities but he's also a coach a soccer coach. he gives a lot of times to people and those are the type of
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people we need. they have a good heart. i was about to leave after the last presentation but david came up to me and he said oh, i have a presentation so i said oh, i give you some of the irish luck. so commissioner go visit david place and one day visit my office and we'll talk about the frontiers and other good stuff >> we'll have to do that. >> is there any other public comment? seeing none. call the next item >> item 6 a it possible up date on the crews terminals for the
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use of the americans cup and other events. >> good afternoon commissioner and exclusive director. i'm kim project director for the port project. i'm discuss phase one and our plans for phase two. and then i'll hand over the mike to another person.
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i'm proud inform announce that our project achieved phase one ahead of schedule and we received a temporary certificate of counselcy. we exceeded our goal by 7 percent and in addition we exceeded our projected final project costs will be approximately 48 and a half million dollars which is under our budget of $50 million. there's still two parts to be completed. itself the shore - you can see
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on the right hand of this picture is a gray box like item that's actually part of the 25 ton transform and the switchgear that is relocated from another part of pier 7 when we diminished that part of the project. we can't do the phrase 2 yet. the other item to the installation of the roof and sign. the inauguration of the support system will commence this week. there's a make up that shows how
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tall it was. we needed the mark up to decide when we needed this part. those letters will be started up in the latter part of may and the sign will be complete in june. this slide shows the port of san francisco sign on the top of building. it's on this right hand or north side of the crews terminal building. in order to maintain the america's cup facility the port maintained the engineer to provide the maintenance of the facility that will be carried on
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by the american's cup facility but we need to make sure those are intact. on phase two i apologize for not having a nice drawing of this because we've discussions this for many years this might be hard to understand. upon completion of the americans cup in 2013 the project will start phase two construction this will be the remaining parts of the building which includes the like an airport in phase two like a baggage and checkpoint. in addition the scope will include the plazas a which will be as you look at this drawing on the left-hand side of the
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facility this is a two acre public park fund by go bonds. on the right the north point will get the completed and the ground transportation area which is the twinkie angle form between the crews building and the pier 29 on the are the we'll have a catch basins installed as well as some other green features that filter the water system. on the other side which runs along the water we'll have new - again catch basins stalled there and this is new height capacity for holding the ships in place
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and finally, a gangway system that connects from the ships to the upper terminal. in addition prequalification of subcontractors is underway and bidding for the initial contracting. review p of a draft schedule is in progress and it shows the completing of the building in august 2013. the completion of the gangway system is trying to be completed. i'd like to turn the next part over the daily duplicating who will talk about the america's
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cup planning events. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm daily dunn with the special port projects group. commissioner murphy welcome. i'll start off with a quick correction as my colleague said the sign schedule is currently would have completion in mid-june but as we hand it over to the criticize event authority we settled on everything but the exact timing of the sign we left that piece explicitly unresolved. it's not determined yet it will go up but when will it start before or after phase two.
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let's look at the crews terminal sign are it's off the northern end where the victory building will be. 8 superfluous yafths in this shot. the event authority is just starting to do their building improvement inside so they submitted about a walk and a half ago their building permit plans. i didn't touch on it in the staff report but the staff has come together on a current process which is moving those things forward at a great speed
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so we're going to make due. this is some more detail on the ground floor. the sports bar is going to be operating with special events in the evening. out of an abundance of caution i'll be inspecting that myself. that will take the centerpiece of the first floor of the terminal. the stairway and a escalator will be here. the entire it of the first floor will be to the media.
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those will accumulate 3 had the journalist. exterior is that a for people to get outside and a press conference theater. the top floor will be divided into those sections. so far there are 2 that will be for this space. so it comes down to a series that i just came from the authorities today those have not been approved but their conceptual and we're getting a
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first look at them. this in the next slide a both renderi renderings imaging of what the suits are going to look like. this one facing al traces. this is the entry into the park. those are the terminal itself the western side. you can see the grass at the top is going to be there so they can reproduce graphics on. and this is the waterway there's a lot of big boats h that are going to be parked there. i presume there's a way to get
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those into their camera shots. and lastly this is the entryway to the sites they have resersz those for the vi ps. this is most of the focus on the television footage for the events. this is the latest plan and kim and you are available for comments >> a couple questions. good presentation guys. since you've turned it over to the america's cup people now if
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anything like damages come to that how has that been worked out that the shiners that's my first question. and my second question i think you said you could get it back for phase two and it would be ready to go august of next year? >> so your question about damage yes. the event authoritytomy 80 is responsible to returning that to us. and anything after that there could be no claims existing with


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